Pivot Fan

In industrial enterprises, the elimination of hot air, the provision of ventilation and air conversion are very important. In addition, processes such as humidity control and deodorization are among the methods frequently used in industrial enterprises. Industrial pivot fans are designed to make these processes faster and more cost effective.

Industrial pivot fans are high-capacity and safe-operated fans. They offer a quick and easy solution to all ventilation problems your business encounters. In addition, the features of industrial pivot fans include advantages such as fire safety, noiseless operation and low energy consumption. These features enable your business to run more efficiently, reducing your costs and increasing productivity.

'Better Air Quality!'

Industrial pivot fans can be used in ventilation, heating and cooling systems in industrial enterprises. In addition, these fans can be used for humidity control and air movement. It is very important for you to determine which needs of your business you will use to meet the needs of your business and to choose the right industrial pivot fan. You also need to consider factors such as air flow rate, energy consumption and fan dimensions when making a decision. Industrial pivot fans stand out with their robustness and reliability and offer the perfect solution to your business's ventilation needs.

Model Features

Fan Diameter
Number of Wings
Supply Voltage
Power (Kw)
Flow (m³/h)
Noise (db)
Range (m²)