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for large spaces.

High performance industrial Convenience to your workforce with our ventilators we provide.
Reliable and innovative in the sector by increasing efficiency with our technologies we make the difference.

Usage Areas of
Our Industrial Fans


Despite its large size, it cools the environment by running at low speed. Increases worker efficiency and productivity, provides economic and environmental advantages by balancing humidity and ventilation.


Ceiling Fan provides air circulation for livestock, reduces heat stress and increases productivity, contributing to the profitability of farm owners.

Open Areas

Using a pole-mounted HVLS ventilator in open areas provides high volume and low velocity airflow to cool and ventilate.

Social &. Entertainment Venues

Ceiling fans provide ideal air circulation in public areas. Thanks to its high performance motors, it is quiet, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Industrial Ceiling Fan

Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is minimized thanks to the highly efficient PMSM motor and efficient blade form.


Ceiling fans that we manufacture in diameters from 2400 mm to 7300 mm reach wide coverage areas.


It has technologies that can adjust speed with motor drivers and adapt to automation systems thanks to various components and sensors.


Alsanfan ceiling fans are equipped with a 5-stage safety system. Steel rope, spring link, t link, u safety etc. additional safety measures make our fan safe.

How do we work?

We produce for Turkey we support Domestic Production.



We are scouting for the most efficient ceiling fan suitable for your space. From special fasteners to extension and restraint systems, we can customize it.



We make you an offer with our economic pricing policy and the power of domestic production for the product that comes out after the discovery.



We do not keep you waiting by producing your product as soon as possible after the approved offer or by delivering it from stock, if any.



Whether with your own team or with our expert staff, you can work on factories, farms, etc. we perform the installation of ceiling fans.

Cooling Tower Fans

Our cooling tower fans circulate air effectively, optimizing heat transfer and lowering your business's energy costs. Aerodynamic blade designs keep noise levels to a minimum while ensuring high airflow. Thus, it provides effective ventilation without disturbing your working environment.

  • Aerodynamic, efficient fan blade design.
  • Fan manufacturing from aluminum or composite material.
  • Short deadline.
  • Cost effective high endurance fans.
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Pivot Fan

The key feature of our pivot fans is their flexibility and steering capability. Thanks to the adjustable pivot mechanisms, you can direct the air flow in the direction you want. This feature allows the fan to work effectively and cool the desired areas.

  • With its 160° oscillation function, it provides cooling in a wide area.
  • Aerodynamic, quiet fan blade design.
  • It is economical with low energy consumption.
  • Fan Sizes Up To 1.52m (5ft) Diameter With 8 and 6 Blades
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Mobile Fans

Cool wherever you want thanks to easy-to-use portable high-efficiency fans!

Alsanfan's mobile HVLS fans have technically advanced features. Thanks to its high efficiency motors, it provides low energy consumption and reduces your energy costs. In addition, the aerodynamic design of the fan blades ensures high airflow while keeping noise levels to a minimum. Thus, effective ventilation is provided without disturbing the working environment.

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