Exhaust Fan

Industrial exhaust fans are designed to improve indoor air quality by integrating into the exhaust systems of various machines used in factories or businesses. Such fans take the necessary protective measures to clean the harmful gases and particles formed in industrial working areas. In addition, the exhaust fans also act as a cooling function that lowers the temperature of the air inside the factory, which helps employees work in a more comfortable environment.

'Ensure clean air!'

Industrial exhaust fans stand out as a suitable option for industrial enterprises. Their use in factories and industrial facilities is also of great importance in terms of the environment. These fans help businesses increase production speed and offer a more efficient workspace. In addition, industrial exhaust fans will help you control the air flow and avoid any air pollution problems in your business, thus minimizing the impact on the environment.

Model Features

Fan Diameter
Supply Voltage
Power (Kw)
Flow (m³/h)
Noise (db)
Weight (kg)