Mobile Pivot Fan

Industrial mobile pivot fans are ideal for meeting the ventilation needs of high performance facilities. Mobile pivot fans provide a great advantage due to their portability as well as the efficiency of industrial fans. Industrial mobile pivot fans, which are frequently used in businesses or industrial facilities, regulate air flow and provide cooling. However, the fans can be rotated and equipped with adjustable baffles to ensure the circulation is completely in the desired direction.

Industrial mobile pivot fans provide high airflow thanks to their high-speed motors and effectively expel the hot air. These fans save energy in facilities and reduce the cost of ventilation systems. Mobile pivot fans can also be used in factories or warehouses and can work for years if maintained regularly.

Mobile pivot fans combines efficiency and convenience!

Industrial mobile pivot fans also solve businesses' concerns about noise control and air quality. These fans provide a comfortable working environment for the employees and customers of the enterprises. In addition, industrial mobile pivot fans are available in various sizes and capacities so they can be customized according to the needs of the facilities. Whether you are a large or small business, industrial mobile pivot fans will meet your air circulation needs.

Model Features

Fan Diameter
Number of Wings
Supply Voltage
Power (Kw)
Flow (m³/h)
Noise (db)
Range (m²)