About us

Alsanfan Machinery Engineering Industry Trade Inc.ing

With its experience and expert staff in the sector, Alsanfan is here to meet your axial fan needs and support you in your ventilation solutions. With its quality products, wide product range and professional service approach, Alsanfan is your best choice to meet all your ventilation needs.


About Us

Our company, which has a wide product range from household models to industrial scale fans, offers solutions suitable for different needs and applications.

  • 1980

    Aluminum Casting

    Where it all started. We take our place in the market with aluminum sand casting, axial fan productions and contract works.

  • 2009

    Aerodynamic Profile Blade

    We accelerated the production of axial fans with our fan blade, the design of which we completed as a result of the research conducted with the leading universities of our country.

  • 2017

    Household & Industrial Fans

    We reached the end user by adding household models to our industrial products such as Jumbo and Pivot.