Mobile Lawn Fan

Thanks to the industrial mobile grass fan, you can now ventilate your lawn better in your open areas such as gardens, parks and gardens. These fans offer quiet and efficient operation with low engine noise and high air flow capacities. It is a useful and effective solution to prevent the grass from drying out, especially in summer. The adjustable air direction allows for uniform ventilation of the lawn throughout the open area.

The industrial mobile grass fan also has a mobile structure that can be easily transported to the desired location. Thus, you can aerate the lawn in different areas in the same way. Thanks to regular use, the roots of your grass are strengthened and thus a healthier and greener appearance is obtained. Thanks to the aeration process in the soil, the air, water and nutrient intake of the grass becomes more effective. The industrial mobile lawn fan is among the necessities for gardening and outdoor maintenance, and has become an indispensable equipment for lawn care.

You can choose the industrial mobile grass fan to make the maintenance of your gardens and open spaces hassle-free. For a more beautiful open space and healthier lawns, you can use this product to provide air flow and aeration to make the roots stronger. With this easy-to-use equipment, your outdoor maintenance will become even more enjoyable.

Model Features

Fan Diameter
Number of Wings
Supply Voltage
Power (Kw)
Flow (m³/h)
Noise (db)
Range (m²)