Mobile Jumbo Fan

Alsanfan, as a company specialized in industrial fans, offers Jumbo Fan product with high performance and impressive designs. This special fan is designed to provide effective air circulation and ventilation in your industrial applications. The Jumbo Fan offers more flexibility to the user with its up-down movement mechanism. In this way, you can direct the air flow of the fan according to your needs and cool the desired areas.

Portable Performance !

Alsanfan's Jumbo Fan product is made of durable and high quality materials. In this way, it offers a long-lasting and reliable performance. In addition, the fan's aerodynamic blade design combines high airflow and low noise levels, providing optimum efficiency.

Jumbo Fan has wide application areas. It can be used in industrial facilities, warehouses, gyms, shopping centers and many more sectors. Able to adapt to the needs and specific requirements of each project, this fan is the ideal solution to meet the ventilation needs of your business.

Model Features

Fan Diameter
Number of Wings
Supply Voltage
Power (Kw)
Flow (m³/h)
Noise (db)
Range (m²)