Menara Pendingin Series S

General Futures Of Axial Flow Fans S Series

  1. Fans are available in diameters between Ø100 mm. – Ø4877 mm.
  2. Easy adjustable pitch fans are available in tree different blade profiles.
  3. Both clockwise and counter clockwise configurations are available in starndard and reserve mounting types.
  4. The blades are connected to the hub through a high quality steel shank.
  5. The S series hub consists of two steel disks, top of the hub is ring shaped disk connected to the top and bottom sides of the hub boss.
  6. The blades are connected to the hub through extruded aluminium pillow blocks sandwiched between the hub disks.
  7. A special feature of the S Series is that it allows a +/- 20mm adjustment of the fan diameter. Different wing design can be preferred.

Main Applications

  1. Wet Cooling Towers
  2. Ventilation
  3. Radiotors
  4. Air Coolers
  5. Steam Condensers