Détails D’assemblage Et De Production

Reduce Energy Costs with High Volume Low Speed Fans

  1. Designed with user’s comfort and safety in mind.
  2. Custom mounting systems for customers.
  3. Fan can be mounted to different construction profiles.
  4. Safety Cable secures the fan to the mounting structure.
  5. Fans are tested and simulated for best results.
  • Technical Data of Ceiling Fans

    1. Double Pivot Adjustable Mount
    2. Secure Safety Cable
    3. Direct Drive Permanent Magnet AC Motor or Gear Reducer AC Motor
    4. Secure Hook for Hub
    5. Secure Safety Joints
    6. Fan Hub and Bottom Cover
    7. Aerodynamic Aluminium Blades
  • Before Profan

    Heated air collects at ceiling.

  • After Profan

    HVLS Fans Supply warm air destratification.

  • Before Profan

    Body conducts heat into the air layer.

  • After Profan

    Cooling by air movement.

    1. Cut energy consumption for heating. Provide eco-friendly and economic solutions.
    2. Bring heated air at the ceiling down to the floor. Supply warm air destratification.
    1. Require lower cost for investment, installationand maintenance than traditional cooling methods.
    2. Improve worker comfort, enhance produc activity with minimum energy consumption.