Mobile Pivot Fan

It offers silent and cool environments with high quality, guaranteed mobile pivot fans, lifetime mechanical warranty.

  • Reduce Energy Costs with High-Volume Pivot Fans!

    Mobil Pivot Fan

  • Benefits of Mobile Pivot Fans

    1. Offers easy and safe use,
    2. Economical with low energy consumption,
    3. Provides wide area cooling with 160 ° swing function,
    4. Long and healthy engine life with reducer design,
    5. Convenient than current cooling systems in point of cost and usage.
  • Oscillation Function

    1. Up to 160° of Airflow, Wide Coverage Area
    2. 8 Blades, Fan Sizes up to 5ft (1.52m)
    3. High Performance & Heavy Duty
    4. Flexible Solutions for Ventilation at Every Place
    5. Flexible Pivoting Joints Allow Head Angle Adjustments

Alsanfan & Profan – Mobile Pivot Fan Technical Specification

Order Code Fan Diameter Ø (mm) Maximum Speed (rpm) Motor Power (KW) Maximum Speed P. Consumption (KWh) Maximum Speed System Current (Amps) Airflow (m³/s) Coverage Area Weight (kg)
SOSYAL3 3ft (0.91m) 300 0.75 0.3 2.5 7 95 58
SOSYAL4 4ft (1.22m) 270 1.1 0.4 2.8 10 130 65
SOSYAL5 5ft (1.52m) 220 1.1 0.5 3.6 14 190 73
  1. Weight of fans change depending on the lenght and design of mounting brackets.
  2. Coverage area is affected by objects such as obstructing the airflow. (columns, walls, machines, furnitures…)