Profan Retro

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    Our Profan Retro Ceiling Fan model which have qualified, guaranteed and silence working specification, have 32 m2 coverage area, 132 cm diameter, will provide you to pass at summer as cool, in winter as hot with rotation.

    Alsanfan – Profan Retro Ceiling Fan
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    Click, optimal Profan Retro ceiling fan and ceiling fan come as far as your foot with free shipping.

    Hepsiburada Tavan Vantilatörü, Tavan Pervanesi Satın Al
    Trendyol Tavan Vantilatörü, Tavan Pervanesi Satın Al

    Technical Data

    Model: 52PRF-002
    Diameter: 132 cm
    Input Power: AC100-250W 50/60 Hz
    Motor Power (W): 70W
    Controller : On Fan
    Light Kit: Not Avaiable / –
    Timer: 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 Hours
    Rotation: Right
    Coverage Area: 32 m2

Model Application Videos